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Alkimia's gloves are made from a fine Silk Merino Jersey. The petite glove is made for the finer slender hand. The top measuring 3inches across and the bottom measuring 3 1/2 inches across. Total length of the glove 15 inches. The cloth has the capacity to stretch width way and extra inch, thanks to the natural crimp of the merino and silk fibre. Silk Merino Jersey is super luxurious, soft, hypoallergenic, breathable, moisture wicking, odour resistant and quick drying fabric. The gloves are fingerless and can be worn as extra protection under finger gloves for the lovers of snow, or can be worn to add a little colour and warmth in winter. They are like wearing a super soft second skin. The gloves feature a hemmed top, machine embroidered with a sweet pattern and the thumbs are reinforced and handstitched with a eucalyptus dyed mulberry silk thread. The bottom of the gloves are left with a raw edge to allow stretch over the forearm. Being a jersey knit the edge wont fray.

Petite Silk Merino Gloves

SKU: 7057
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