These rustic organic handmade silky merino gloves, have plenty of stretch to fit most hands, thumb holes hand stitched in silk thread, they are all unique and individually bundled and brewed in a pot to bring natures art to you skin.

Silk Merino Gloves

SKU: 7005
  • Alkimia Botanical's gloves are one size.  A beautiful blend of silk and merino fabric, they have plently of stretch in them to fit all shapes and sizes, from a small womans hand to a large mans hand. The gloves are wrapped in the leaves of our Australian flora to give you not only warmth in winter but the experience of wearing the poetry of nature on your skin in all seasons of the year. The thumb holes are hand stitched with silk thread. 


    Alkimia Botanical's products are made with pure silk, pure wool and some items a combination of both wool and silk.  Hand wash in cold water with appropriate washing detergent and dry in shaded area to help maintain the natural colours.  Do not dry in direct sunlight.  All dyes fade in time but you can assist its duration by taking care of it.  Items can be ironed on appropriate settings of either silk or wool.

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