Leo full moon brew in the copper cauldron. So happy to have the copper colours back. Its a patient wait to get the copper water to a place where I am ready to use it. I make the water using copper pieces and vinegar, wait til its a beautiful aqua blue from the crystals that form and then add that water to my pot. The tannins in the Eucalyptus leaves wrapped in my bundles mix with the copper and bring such rich golden tones. I love these colours so much. There is a sneaky oak leaf in there too. 

Wool Wrap with Tassels

SKU: 4040
  • Alkimia Botanical's Scarves are ethically sourced and come in a range of different sizes made with pure wool and silk fibres. The process is that of wandering and gathering the leaves, preparing the dye baths, bundling the fabrics with the leaves and simmering them in pots.  This process can take up to 3 days sometimes longer depending on the process chosen, to produce one scarf. Each is wrapped with uttmost love and care to bring to you a one off unique piece of wearable art designed as nature intended. No one will ever have the same as you. The results are infinate. 


    Alkimia Botanical's products are made with pure silk, pure wool and some items a combination of both wool and silk.  Hand wash in cold water with appropriate washing detergent and dry in shaded area to help maintain the natural colours.  Do not dry in direct sunlight.  All dyes fade in time but you can assist its duration by taking care of it.  Items can be ironed on appropriate settings of either silk or wool.

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