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Petite 195gsm gloves

Alkimia Botanical's Gloves are made from a fine Silk Merino Jersey. The gloves come in three sizes, Petite, Medium and Large. Measurements can be found under each product. Silk Merino jersey is a super soft luxurious fibre that is hypoallergenic, breathable, moisture wicking, odour resistant, quick drying and compostable.  All gloves are dyed naturally, made ethically and sustainably using eucalyptus leaves and local flora to obtain a variety of leaf prints and natural colour. The thumb holes are hand stitched with a mulberry silk thread that are dyed with local flora.  Every single pair is made individually, no two are ever the same.


New Winter season gloves currently in the making

April 2024

Silk Merino Gloves
A touch of lavender leaf
Merino Jersey gloves
Woodford Folk Festival 22/23
Viking Warrior
Sweet details
Petite 195gsm gloves
Yes to Men in gloves
Much time spent stitching
Yes to morning coffee in gloves
Petite 195gsm gloves
Earth Maiden
Silk Merino Gloves
Petite 195gsm gloves in copper
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