"The mission of art is to represent nature not to imitate her." 

- William Morris Hunt - 

Home grown colour
Not a Hippy, I just like big trees
Gift from the storm
Fig Tree Gallery Exhibit
Leaf carves
Dyers hands
The Artist
Fresh out of the dye bath
Colours in my yard
Working away
Pen scribbles
A good days work

Gabrielle expresses a deep passion for ethical living and set about creating works of art

from nature which have been guided through a variety of artistic processes. 

Gabrielle is an accomplished natural portrait photographer. Her passion for photography led her 

into the realms of completing a Diploma in Visual Arts studying the processes of sculpture,

painting, printmaking, drawing, weaving and arts business. 

As well as creating her fine works under Alkimia Botanical, Gabrielle has also completed an

Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Arts in Counselling.  Utilising the art knowledge gained into a

therapeutic process and practice. 


Gabrielle is not offering workshops as she highly recommends seeking out India Flint for integral teachings of this craft.   Nothing beats sitting with the master and beginning the slow process of trial and error, finding your own way into the wonder of Eco dyeing.  Thats where the magic is.  

Jump online and order India's book s 'Eco Colour' or you can find all her online classes at

"The School of Nomad Arts"